Sunday, April 26, 2009

A fetish!

So, I was in lovely La Conner with lovely Steinunn and her lovely babies...all in all a good time, save for the eatery we chose, which was slow, but at least the food was gross and the staff were surly. After that harrowing experience, we decided to head out in search of their famed tulips (which are gorgeous) but, being prudent, decided to stop for a "bio-break" first.
I went first, and upon enter the public restroom I heard a woman talking to her son, who were in the other stall. This is what I heard "C'mon, push out all the little piggies, that's it. Get all those piggies out. Are you done? Are all the piggies out? Yeah? No more piggies? Okay, clamp down now. Good job!" Then some chatter from the boy that I couldn't quite make out, that lead to this reply "Yes. Well, penises are bathroom talk. So, it is okay to talk about them when you are in the bathroom but we don't talk about penises outside the bathroom okay?" Then, another inaudible part, followed by "No, she doesn't. Penises are only for boys. Not girls. Only boys use penises."
Wow. Well done Madam. That is gonna be one messed up little, gay, pig loving kid. Never, ever take him to a farm. Or feed him bacon.


Blogger Richmond said...

I look forward to the inevitable true-crime book about the pig-suit made from the flesh of his victims.

4/27/2009 12:20:00 p.m.  

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