Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back, baby!

My other, more upsetting, but funny (I hope maybe) blog, is being posted to again. Please, visit me there and share my pain.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lovely. And yet, I am mad.

I was lucky enough to see Pagliacci tonight. It was fantastic. I love watching people who are great at what they do, in beautiful clothes, doing their thing. The singing was fantastic, they actually acted (which is sorta hit and miss in the Opera world), the costumes, the set, the orchestra...it was all great. My only issue was with the audience.
Okay....so, when I get to go for free, we are actually seeing a dress rehearsal, not technically a performance. However. It. Is. Still. A. World. Class. Opera. House. World class. Not "Fred's Travellin' Sing-song Show". World class. THERE IS NO REASON TO WEAR SWEATPANTS, JEANS AND TEE SHIRTS! None. If you have tickets to the Opera, even cheap or free tickets, you are entering a theater. You are watching the worlds best singers performing great works of musical art. Buy some pants. With no holes. Buy a dress. It doesn't have to be new...it just has to be clean and APPROPRIATE. I get it. We are Seattle. We are all outdoorsy and shite. But, this is theater. Jeans and holey pants should not touch plush seats in a multi-million dollar theater. It is wrong and you are a bad person.

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