Monday, August 14, 2006


i am in America! Had a lovely, if somewhat upsetting party upon my arrivalnd now own more patriotic fun than i of? Thanks for such a star spangled welcome.
And as to my ROCKIN Friday night party, it was the perfect way to leave my beloveds.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


HAPPY (Vancouver) PRIDE!! A great time to reflect on wonderful friends and what freedoms we have to be living when and where we do. And a time to help us look forward to what else we can to to make this world truly free for EVERY single person regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, or belief system.
*steps of soapbox and gets into her beads for the parade*

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My First Broken Bone

I broke my baby toe. I already have the most deformed toes in the world. I guess, they are kinda cute in their own bizarre way, but now, the left baby toe is broken, it will surely heal in an even more deformed shape. Oh well. At least now maybe I will know when it is going to rain. I always wanted a weather predicting body part.
It has actually come as quite a shock that my first broken limb came at 27 as I am and always have been rather a klutz. I blame my inner ear problems and my perpetual ear infections as a kid for my complete lack of balance or depth perception. I was/am always bruising myself or falling down with seemingly no provocation. So much so that, when I was a little klutz, my parents used to tell me, after showing off (or more honestly screaming about) a new injury "If you can't be nicer to Shelly, we aren't going to let you play with her anymore". Nice. No wonder I have the other people living in my head.

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