Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My very own Barbie Dream house...only with gargoyles

Oh. My. God. My Beloved and i must own this house. We are going to take up filthy nasty profitable habits to ensure we can buy it before we are to old to enjoy it. Anyone writing wills, please take that into consideration. I am going to buy some lottery tickets and some packing boxes. The link is in the title.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am sure to get smug posts from that I am FINALLY starting to almost maybe feel a little better, I have been moving stuff around our apartment, and by stuff I mean boxes. Unpacked boxes (that one is for you Steve-o!). As we plan to move, we decided not to do anymore unpacking as the thought of moving again (my 18th I think, in 27 years of life) makes me physically ill and the thought of packing even more so...ANYWAY in moving stuff around I have discovered areas of the carpet I hadn't seen since moving in. There were issues with the previous building manager who SWORE she would get them cleaned (and didn't), which lucky we have written proof, what I learned today is...PEOPLE ARE PIGS! Honestly. Truly vile. I am sickened.
And with that...CMON OVER YALL! (just, keep your shoes on and, maybe throw them out when you leave)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Alright, I need to purge this creepy power from my mind. Maybe writing about it will work. I have an upsetting power that I can't harness or understand. It's occurrence is so common, we have taken to calling it "witching". This sounds silly but I assure you, it is a dark and haunting power that makes no sense and causes me much anxiety.
I can make pop culture appear. If I mention a movie, actor, song...most of the time within a few days, it will be on, have a publicity resurgence, or be played or mentioned. This appears to be a completely random act. It doesn't happen all the time. But very very very frequently. Like all unharnessed powers, I cannot make it work to my profit or detriment. Which is good. I just can't explain it.
The other day, I was mentioning a VERY obscure French animation film from my childhood (The Last Unicorn), to the fabulous Miss Olive. I am watching it on TV right now. The other night Mister B and i were watching a Benson marathon on the blessed TVland and I spotted Philip Baker Hill on the episode, who is not very often in modern stuff, which I commented on...last night, Magnolia was on.
These are just the most recent examples of witchings. There are MILLIONS of them. And I can't explain it, or control it. I have no doubt it will destroy my life and drive me into the madhouse. That black, black magic. Please turn on your radios and wait for Frank Sinatra.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Four years! F-O-U-R years! FOUR years!

Warning: This post will be excessively mushy and personal. Not for the faint of heart.

To my Love and our four crazy years of marriage...

i love You. i can't tell You how often i think about how empty my life would be without You. Before You, i didn't know how all consuming love could be. i couldn't understand how anyone could want to spend an entire lifetime with the same i suspect a lifetime won't be long enough to show You how much You mean to me.
i love Your eyes. i love Your passion for the things You love. i love Your devotion to those close to You. i love the way You hug me so tight. i love Your lips. i love that You stay awake late and giggle with me. i love that You think it's cute when i get all crazy and Safewayey. i love that look You get when You thought of something funny that would make me roll my eyes at You. i love that can fix stuff. i love that You talk me out of my head. i love that You taught me how to like things i thought i hated (for no good reason). i love how You look in a tux. i love that we are always touching some part of each other when we sleep. i love that You know when i am upset even when i try not to be. i love the fire in Your eyes when You start a project You feel strongly about. i love that i can tell You 9 million times a day that i love You and i love that i feel bad when i can't. i love that You tell me 9 million times a day that You love me. i love that You let me ask You the same thing over and over until i am calm, even though it pisses You off that i don't believe You the first time. i love that You don't like popcorn but You know i can't watch a movie without it. i love that You understand about my family and i love that You are okay with sharing Yours. i love that we like so many of the same things and i am learning to love all the things of each others that we hate. i love that You laugh when i embarass myself in public and hug me and tell me it's cute (especially that one thing i do a lot). i love that You brought me into Your world and let me love Your friends as my own. i love that You like my friends, even though we are a hard group to break into. i love that You understand me. And i love that i understand You. i love that You dream big and find a way to make them come true.
You are my world. And THAT you can print.

Lung goo

Alright, I went to the damned doctor. I have a bacterial lung infection; I ever got an X-ray. I got liquid vicadon for my cough. The world looks mushy but I love the hamsters.

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